About Aruba Networks

Aruba is the world’s second largest supplier of enterprise wireless LANs, and the premiere provider of identity based security, client-free remote solutions, and multi-vendor network management systems. RivaNET work closely with Aruba Networks to deliver secure mobility solutions which demonstrate significant cost, convenience, and security benefits, and that are fundamentally changing how and where we work.

Why Wireless?

Laptops and mobile devices are on track to outnumber desktops, and enterprise networks are moving rapidly from wired to wireless as the primary way to connect. Industry observers agree that the majority of enterprise network traffic will be wireless by 2014. In fact, market analysts at Forrester predict that in 2016, one billion consumers will use smartphones and 350 million of those will be used for work and education. Consequently, as organisations move forward, networking is all about mobility and providing secure access to resources wherever your workforce or students happen to be.

Why Aruba?

Aruba securely delivers networks to mobile users wherever they work or roam. With high-speed 802.11n wireless networks, military grade security, application-aware quality of service, and complete network management, Aruba Networks enables the new networking paradigm of “Wireless where you can, wired where you must.” Simple to deploy and easy to manage, Aruba’s solutions are found in a wide variety of environments; from mid-size schools to the largest of global enterprises, well-known names such as Microsoft, KPMG, and California State University rely on Aruba for secure mobility networks.

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