RivaNET knows education is changing at every level. Rapid advances in technology are able to provide students with a learning experience offering greater personalisation and more flexible access to course materials than ever before. With this, staff and students can expect access to their institution’s facilities wherever they may be working – whether it’s from their UK base, or even a partner institution anywhere in the world.

RivaNET’s experts deliver Cisco’s education solutions that offer more than just a better student experience, they can provide safer, more efficient Schools at a time of financial restraint, help meet energy targets and support local government programmes and even pave the way for global research partnerships.

More Efficient Administration and Operations

Improve school efficiency with solutions that streamline operations, help contain costs, and facilitate real-time connections on any device.

Improved Safety & Security

Learn how to make any learning environment safer and more secure with real-time monitoring, detection, and mass notification systems.

Next Generation Learning

Cisco can help schools create 21st century learning environments to prepare the workforce of the future.

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