RivaNET knows education today faces the same tough imperatives as business. Demanding customers – in your case Gen Y students and their parents, increasing regulatory and compliance requirements, significant competition, which could be from another institution nearby or overseas, and most of all, a continually changing world, where a solution that worked perfectly well in the past suddenly doesn’t measure up. With this in mind, RivaNET work with Microsoft to offer solutions to address these and other challenges that:

Improve learning outcomes

  • Provide contemporary learning experiences, creative tools and collaboration technologies
  • Spot trends and measure performance
  • Deliver education synchronously and asynchronously
  • Increase efficiency

Meet increasing reporting obligations

  • Protect student information and institutional data
  • Reduce the burden on IT
  • Compete effectively

Attract the best staff and students

  • Offer flexible learning delivery – webcasts, online courses, etc.
  • Create a robust research environment

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