SecureLink™ Remote Access

For requirements to access data i.e. Word, Excel or Powerpoint files, which is held on file servers onsite, from home, SecureLink™ is an excellent solution to enable you to do this.

It is a software only solution that does not require a user to have any additional hardware or software installed on their local PC. All they require is an Internet browser (ie Safari or Firefox).

The SecureLink™ application is securely installed on servers with no additional technical overheads aside the need to implement an SSL security certificate.

If required, SecureLink™ can also be configured to act as a gateway to other resources onsite such as intranets or management information systems.

To access an on-line real-time demonstration, then please contact

You may also view the SecureLink™ case study for Godolphin & Latymer School.

“It really is a simple solution to a complex problem. By deploying SecureLink™, we have made it easier for users to be able to access their working files from home without the school having to implement an expensive, hard to manage infrastructure. The benefits of the deployment have been immediate. Our users can now work on files whenever they want without the previous limitations. Users no longer have to remember to save urgent files to a memory stick or email files to themselves. Instead they can have access to all their working files. IT has to be more and more pervasive, and SecureLink™ is an excellent solution in achieving this”.
Simon Eustice, Godolphin & Latymer School