Security & Content Filtering

Schools and businesses now more than ever have to provide their users with secure internet provision that eliminates access to unsuitable content on the web. Internet safety is key and iboss Cybersecurity is the answer!

Not only is it a must to protect users, but organisations also need to control access to time-wasting content or such applications as internet based chat services. Limiting access to non-work or non-educational content will enhance productivity.

Additionally, as has been highlighted in numerous reports, cybercrime is a major concern. The monitoring of suspicious activity such as ‘hacking attempts’ by using intrusion detection for example helps an organisation to protect itself from attack by malicious individuals both internal and external to the organisation.

RivaNET have considerable expertise in installing and supporting secure network firewall and internet content filtering solutions. Assistance can also be provided with setting up rules that enable access to specific content for selected users based on their position within the organisation.

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