Surveys & Roadmap Planning

RivaNET are committed to using expertise to help schools and colleges make the most of their current systems, as well as devising strategies for future enhancements and improvements in line with vision and goals as well as budget.

Site surveys will provide a comprehensive overview of current networks, and identify any areas which are not performing and therefore can be improved on. Areas looked into include:

  • Server architecture review (how many servers, what services are running on each machine, reviewing the specifications, are they fully optimised/patched/upgraded)
  • Review of the network topology for the entire school (looking at every network cabinet, checking for CAT5e/6 & gigabit connectivity, cascading hubs/switches, layer-2/3 management, spanning trees/load balancing)
  • Carrying out a basic network performance test at each ‘node’
  • Checking the server security, GPO’s, DNS, WINS, DHCP, file replication, backup resilience, RAID configuration/failover
  • Review of the broadband capability, carrying out a speed test to check throughput both inbound and outbound. Penetration testing will also be carried out to test firewall capability
  • Summarising the workstations/peripherals/software applications deployed
  • Assessing the wireless connectivity

A detailed report will be issued following the survey highlighting underperforming areas, along with a 3 Year Roadmap plan for ICT improvements which can be used to create a project plan for elements to incorporate into an ICT strategy, or can be used to form part of a tender document. An outline proposal for implementing system improvements will also be provided (such as deploying virtualisation, Exchange 2010, upgrading to layer-3 managed gigabit connectivity across a site or implementing a new secure web content-filtered Internet service). Reports will include:

  • Summary all of the key findings, addressing what the main concerns/improvements are
  • Detailed site map, identifying the network/server/workstation topology for the entire site
  • Details of the current server configuration, identifying the hardware and applications currently in use across the multiple platforms
  • Identification for where potential bottlenecks may lie

Contact the Sales Department now to discuss individual requirements, or to book a site survey on 0330 555 5550 or

“Since having a site survey and full systems audit carried out, we have utilised the subsequent report and recommendations as a blueprint for the development of our IT. It has given us a clear idea of what we need to do, enabled us to plan strategically within our budget, and set clear timeframes for completion. I would definitely recommend this service and I would be happy to speak to anyone considering this.”
Andrew Grey, Horndean Technology College