Wireless & BYOD

RivaNET have been delivering industry leading, cost-effective wireless solutions to schools and colleges for a number of years.

RivaNET are fully aware of the ever-changing challenges and demands faced by organisations to provide an on-demand, fast and reliable network that can also provision for the rapid changes in the way education is being delivered by technology and the growing number of devices being used.

Today’s wireless networks need to have the speed to deal with education applications (including multi-media and video) anytime, anywhere and with any number of devices being used at one time, without losing performance.

There is a growing need to address the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) environment that has seen an increase in ownership and use of wireless devices such as iPads, tablets and laptops in schools and colleges. Organisations require constant control over access and permissions for staff, students and visitors who are using such devices, and RivaNET can implement solutions that will take these issues into account and provide a secure network for users and guests – organisations control who has access to what.

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